What if transforming your classroom practice was easier than you thought?

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You are now on the leading edge of learning

We know how it can feel. You’re full of plans to develop your practice, full of enthusiasm and ideas to pave new ways forward with your learners. If only you had a road map to plot out these ideas; if only you could find the time, learn how to fail forwards, get feedback from enthusiastic, knowledgeable colleagues so you could really make that transformational change you are looking for in your learners – Learners who are abuzz with learning, who are kind, considerate, reflective, learners who relish a challenge and are the best versions of themselves

In Learning Pioneers, we co-create plans and goals to embed learning power in our classrooms. We regularly meet (virtually – because we are in all corners of the globe!) to reflect on and reimagine these plans. We are a team of colleagues who understand one another and generously offer ideas to pave new ways forward together.

What once seemed hard, even impossible, starts to flow and grow in our community. We imagine and purposefully plan new possibilities for ourselves and our students together.

We’ve been there. Buried in data, excessive paperwork, targets...

We get it

Have you ever felt disconnected from your purpose?

We’ve been there. Buried in data, excessive paperwork, targets; it is easier to lose sight of why we came into teaching in the first place.  We have felt a disconnect with what we knew could be possible and what we felt able to provide with the resources available to us. 

How can you reconnect with that purpose? Focus on what really is important? Feel connected with yourself as a practitioner, stay true to your values and know you are doing the very best by your students.

Learning Pioneers is bursting with lazer-sharp purpose. Our goal is to empower children. Our goal is to put children in the driving seat of their learning. Our goal is for each and every member of our classes to believe in themselves as learners – to know they are important, valued; that they can make a difference and become an ever-stronger learner. Every single member of Learning Pioneers is deeply committed to this goal. And our shared purpose amplifies learning.

Becky is not only one of the most knowledgeable, inventive and enthusiastic teachers of the learning power approach (LPA) on the planet; she is also the most generous with her ideas, and encouraging of people who are new to the learning power game. So sign up to learn and share with the growing band of LPA practitioners!

Professor Guy Claxton

Not so positive

Does your staffroom suffer with teacher martyrdom?

We’re not trying to mock teachers here – far from it! Great teachers are the life and soul of the education system. We are the ones who can elicit change in our classrooms; who can put theory into practice, and gently but powerfully show there is another way. 

In our community, we understand that there are things within our control and things that are not. We focus on that which we can control, take full ownership for it and positively pave new ways forward together. We don’t let just anyone into our virtual community! We have shared values and a way of behaving and interacting and this is what makes our community so powerful.


These are some of our community-room values


Be a “positive wizard”

This means lifting others up, celebrating each others’ wins, being there for one another when the going gets tough.


Wonder “what if”

We imagine news ways forward together, problem solve together, grapple through problems together. We recognise the challenges and strive to meet and overcome these rather than getting knocked down by them.


We show up

We put into the community what we get out. Everyone plays their role. Our power is in the plurality of our viewpoints and contexts. We strive to post regularly and respond to one anothers’ ideas.


We are “positive well-being role models”

As we put energy into teaching and learning, we also know when and how to relax. We switch off, disconnect and have plenty of down time. We know this is for our own benefit and for that of the students.

What current members say

Learning Pioneers has been one of my biggest positives personally and professionally this year.
Birg Carr
International Year Six teacher
Education is being together. Unlocking every barrier of collaboration, be yourself in a community that grows through vibrant, deep, engaged and practical conversations
Pat Calmels D'Artensac
International French teacher
Learning Pioneers is a great example of international collaboration. It also energises teachers.
Sandy Kaur
Associate Head, The Thinking School

The top 5 “Bumps along the way”

In “Powering Up Children”, Guy Claxton and I have included a section at the end of each chapter called, “bumps along the way”. This aims to address common problems when it comes to implementing Learning Power. Here are a few that are more general:

You try out an idea, it falls flat, you’re not sure how to pick it back up again and reassess. In Learning Pioneers, we have space to troubleshoot these ideas together and build strategies to learn from our mistakes and fail forwards.

You have an idea that is taking root, but no-one to share it with to help it grow. It falls flat and you feel frustrated and disappointed. In Learning Pioneers you have plentiful colleagues from around the world who will be happy to bounce ideas around with you. This energises you and ensures quick pedagogical progress.

Without a plan, it is hard to know what you’re aiming for. During the first week of our launch we will plan our own roadmaps, plotting how we would like to develop learning power in our classrooms. We will gather in small groups throughout the year to share ideas and add to our plans.

It is hard to maintain focus with so much going on around you. By being part of a community that regularly checks in and plans and develops ideas together, you will stay focused on your goals and make progress towards them.

Being part of this community is energising. It reconnects you with your “why” and keeps Learning Power at the forefront of your classroom practice.

What do I get?

What can I expect from the community?

Our thinking grows collectively in the community as we co-create together. We have a structure which shifts, grows and expands with our thinking. Here is how it works:

As well as deepening our understanding of Learning Power, we will also show you how:


To fall back in love with teaching


To embed independence so you can take on the role of a ‘learning coach’


To believe in your own judgment so you don’t have to rely on that of others


To take back control of your profession

Right now you can...

A Try to develop Learning Power by yourself, without a clear plan or a collaborative team of supportive, knowledgeable practitioners. Try and test ideas without any clear feedback.

B Approach your school about buying whole school INSET training, and hope  that next year’s budget might allow it.

C  Become part of the Learning Pioneers community, where you will become excited, learn, be supported, guided and have a plan to embed your own unique  learning power journey.

So which is it going to be?

A teacher's

Whose idea is this?

Hey, I’m Becky, classroom teacher and lead learner in the learning power approach. 

My favourite co-creators

I have worked with and known Professor Guy Claxton for 10 years – we have plotted, brainstormed and shared thinking together, the cumulative result of which is in our book “Powering Up Children” which is a practical guide to bringing learning power to life. I have spoken alongside Guy at the Festival of Education, and conferences across the globe. I continue to plot and share ideas with Guy and other learning power leaders, always co-creating new ways forward together.

Why me?

My husband says I am a “unicorn”. Wait for it. There is a method to this madness, some thinking behind this label (it’s not because I have a flowing rainbow mane and am followed by a glittering rainbow dust!) I’m a committed, creative classroom practitioner, always seeking to improve my practice AND, I am constantly researching and collaborating with some of the world’s leading learning powered minds. These conversations and collaborations shape my thinking and this is fed directly into the conversations within our community. So, classroom practitioner and lead thinker- and it is from this stance that I “lead” and coach this amazing community. I’ve put “lead” in quotation marks because we are all leaders, we all shape the groups’ thinking and we all plot ideas together – I just guide this journey.

Hey, I’m Becky, classroom teacher and lead learner in the learning power approach.


Hungry for even more?

We are now running Pioneers Masterminds live!


There is no such thing as “fall behind” in our community. You get to choose how much you contribute, although, of course, the more you interact, the more ideas you will have, the more you will learn! We have regular “check points” where you can share progress and reflections with your colleagues. The regular “lives” with learning power leaders will keep you on your toes and regularly stimulate your thinking.

You can share as little or as much as you like. Being a “risk-taking” community we encourage you to be brave and share your ideas and practice; this way others can learn from you and you can spark ideas together – Much of our best thinking and ideas have come from this shared learning dialogue within the group. However, if you don’t have anything to share sometimes, that’s fine, just soak up the comments from our members and let them inspire you. If you take action on those ideas, we love to hear about them too!

This is an inclusive, caring community. If you have a learning powered mindset and are enthusiastic to learn and grow, then you have found somewhere you will truly belong! Get stuck in and get to know the members of our wonderful community.

We discuss “sticky” issues such as learning with colleagues. We would suggest talking to your school about joining our community as a way to inspire better practice with your students. Concentrate on your own practice – being awesome with your students – You never know, you might find colleagues start wondering and asking questions …

Yes. Absolutely. We have a monthly subscription and can also invoice if it is easier to pay in advance. Just speak to your leaders and contact me via becky@learningpowerkids.com

Yes, you have full control over when your membership stops and starts. You can cancel at any time.

What you invest in, you get out. We invite you warmly to check in on your “Return on Investment” regularly. Ask yourself: 

  • Is this community supporting my creative growth as I’d hoped? 
  • Am I feeling more confident in implementing ideas? 
  • Am I getting braver in my practice? 
  • Am I feeling more connected with my teaching and pedagogy? 
  • Am I focusing on what’s important? 
  • Am I inspired to do and be more? 


We find our members answer a resounding “yes” to these questions and that is why they stay. Part of the power of our impact comes from our collective growth. You are always invited to feedback (or feed-forwards – even better!), suggest how we can grow and improve the community, wonder and share how it can be even better. Our community is so strong because it has been co-created with its members.


Who is Learning Pioneers really for?

We like practitioners who love to connect and share ideas with others; who purposefully plan towards a better future with their learners; who believe that they are in control of developing their own practice and that their learners should be in the driving seat of their learning.

This community is for you if:

Not for teachers who:

We saved you a seat at our virtual campfire

Can’t wait to see you inside!